Is it really necessary to back up by computer files?

Yes. Backing up your computer files is perhaps the single most important thing you can do to protect all of the information you have stored on your computer. Although it is sometimes possible to restore data files that have been lost or corrupted, there are times when files cannot be recovered unless they have been properly backed up. Read "5 Reasons to Backup Your Computer Data Files" to learn more.
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Jan 2010: Toms response to my 1st call (made in the evening) was unmatched. He was at the house 1st thing the next morning. He was able to quickly diagnose my severe virus issues, and effected the required repairs in an efficient and cost effective manner.

I would recommend his services to anyone.

Brian Timmons Brick, NJ

Did you know?

According to Nebworks, US businesses spend $25 million a year on computer repair.