Should I buy PC computer with Windows 7 or Mac with Snow Leopard?

Deciding between a Mac or a PC is largely based on personal preference. When comparing the Windows 7 and Snow Leopard operating systems, both systems are excellent. The Mac is known for offering a simple and sleek design with few software compatibility issues, but it is more costly than the PC. The PC, on the other hand, offers a greater variety of software options and 90% of computer users use a PC. It should also be noted that Macs are just as susceptible to virus attacks as PCs, but there are more viruses created for PCs than there are for Macs. To learn more about the Macs versus PCs, read the Should I Buy a Mac or PC blog post.
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According to a report by Peter Francese, baby boomers, those aged 35 to 44 spend nearly $100 million a year on computer repair and maintenance.