Should I Monitor What My Kids are Doing on the Computer?

The simple answer to this question is "yes." Although you may feel as if you are invading your child's privacy, monitoring what he or she does on the computer and maintaining an open dialogue about safe computer usages is essential to keeping your child protected. Read "5 Reasons to Monitor Your Child's Computer Activity" to learn more about why responsible parenting involves monitoring your child's activity.
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I am an 82 years old senior citizen. My daughter set me up with a computer about 4 years ago, so that I could use it mostly for emails. However, as a musician, I also wanted to record my music on CDs. I contacted Mr. Banas and he came to my home and told me what was needed. After setting up my computer so I could make CDs, he also took the time to show me other things that I could enjoy doing on the computer. His knowledge of the computer operation is amazing. I also appreciated the follow up calls he made on the phone and to my home to make sure that I was enjoying and getting the most out of my computer. It’s a pleasure to know that I have someone to help me with computer problems, big or small. Thanks to Mr. Banas, I am now doing more than emails and CDs. I am very satisfied customer.

Joseph Rosplock Lakewood, NJ

Did you know?

A study by Ipsos-Insight found that in 2002, 40% of internet users had to get their computers repaired as a result of a virus. In 2001 just 12% of internet users needed to get their computers repaired as a result of a virus.