What problems should be handled by computer repair technician?

Obviously, you will want to contact a computer technician to take care of any problems with your computer that you have no idea how to handle. But, there are other situations when it is best to obtain the services of a professional as well, even if you think you might have an idea of how to handle the situation. For example, if you have lost files or if your system has crashed, you risk causing even more damage to your computer when you try to troubleshoot the problem yourself. To learn more read "Recognizing When It's Time to Hire a Computer Repair Technician" on my New Jersey Computer Repair Blog.
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Did you know?

A study by Ipsos-Insight found that in 2002, 40% of internet users had to get their computers repaired as a result of a virus. In 2001 just 12% of internet users needed to get their computers repaired as a result of a virus.