Why is Computer Clue a one-man computer repair shop?

While it is tempting to grow a business in order to maximize profits, I put customer service at the top of my list. By remaining a one-man business, I am able to get to know my customers on a more personal level. This allows me to meet the unique needs of each of my customers. Since I am not spending a lot of time and money trying to form a corporate image, I am also able to keep my costs affordable. In addition, because I am not spending all of my time supervising other employees, I am able to offer flexible scheduling opportunities that allow me to meet personally with my clients. To learn more about why I choose to remain a one-man business, read my Computer Clue Provides a Big Service By Remaining Small blog post.

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Mr. Banas installed my computer and printer in a very professional manner. He was prompt, courteous, neat and quick. I would highly recommend him.

Joan Kennelly Lakewood, NJ

Did you know?

A study by Ipsos-Insight found that in 2002, 40% of internet users had to get their computers repaired as a result of a virus. In 2001 just 12% of internet users needed to get their computers repaired as a result of a virus.